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Contacting the Congress

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July 20, 2016

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Awards and Recognition

This is a list of all the awards, recognition, and bits of Net.fame that have been bestowed on Contacting the Congress , at least that I am aware of. If you know of any other places that this site is mentioned, especially in news or magazine articles, please tell me.
AASP Outstanding Public Service by an Individual Award September 19, 2004 I was awarded an "Outstanding Public Service by an Individual" award by the American Association of Single People. While I never ask for such awards, it is nice to be recognized.
UTNE Reader Daily Web Watch June 4, 2001 This site was reviewed by the UTNE Reader Daily Web Watch, whose reviewer stated "Juan Cabanela's well-organized web site makes it easy to reach your representatives and let 'em know what you think." which was exactly the point behind this site's design
Refdesk.com Site of the Day March 31, 2001 This site was selected as the refdesk.com site of the day on March 31, 2001.
[Military.com Distringuished Site] March 28, 2001 This site was selected as a Military.com distinguished site on March 28, 2001.
Cybercitizen Award January 3, 2001 I (Juan Cabanela) have been awarded a Cybercitizen 2000 Award (including a very nice glass and wood award) from Christopher Kush, author of the book Cybercitizen: How to Use Your Computer to Fight for ALL of the Issues You Care About. Details of the award and a picture of it are located online in this press release.
[*] April 12, 2000 This site is featured in the book 300 Incredible Things To Learn On The Internet by Robyn Freedman Spizman and Ken Leebow.
[*] April 28, 1999 This site is mentioned on the Rosie O'Donnell Show WWW site, specifically under their Fight Gun Violence page. This in part probably explains the flood of users to this site this week.
[*] September 24, 1998 John "Wonko" Watson has bestowed the Wonko's Web Page Award, which "is set aside specifically for the web pages of the individual or family who have, despite overwhelming odds, produced a superior web page." Thanks, John!
[*] September 1, 1998 Links2Go Key Resource Congress and Political Reps Topic (Look under Congressional Directories). This designation is given to sites that gain prominence through other sites linking to them. Basically, it means I have to thank everyone out there who considers >Contacting the Congress a good enough resource to link to from their pages. Thanks!
[*] March 2,1998 Political Site of the Day named >Contacting the Congress site for the day on March 3, 1998.
[*] October 10, 1997 Gay/Lesbian Rights Resource and Information Guide (By Deborah Levinson) nominated this site as a site of the week on October 10, 1997. After the week is done, this site will be listed on their Resources page.
[*] April 22, 1997 Yahoo has still not updated the link from the old site, despite many submitted requests, but they have apparently independently found this site. If you look at their Government:Legislative Branch page, you will find this site listed near the top as a cool site (hence the small pair of sunglasses). My thanks to whoever deemed this site cool. (I was informed about this recognition on April 22, 1997)
[*] January 21, 1997 NetGuide Live gave this site 4 (out of 5) stars on their Best of the Web reviews. You can read the review here.
[*] January 7, 1997 Washington Web Top Site Award (was informed on January 7, 1997)
[*] December 24, 1996 Cool Site of the Hour for December 24, 1996 (12noon - 1 pm CST).
[*] December 24, 1996 Contacting the Congress has been selected as Howard V. Barton's Page of the Day on December 24, 1996.
[*] August 16, 1996 Rated a "must see" site by eXcite reviews. Read the review here.
[*] June 13, 1996 4 (out of 4) stars by Yahoo! Internet Life. Read the original review article (6/4/96), the newer article (12/15/97), and the individual site review (2/15/96).
[*] May 23, 1996 A Magellan 3 Star Site! Unfortunately, the review is no longer online.
[*] February 14, 1996 Politics USA WWW Guide Pick of the Day for February 14, 1996!

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